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St John Tree Care Inc does it all - from tree pruning, trimming and removals to fertilization and plantings. Trust a NY State Certified Arborist with over 35 years of experience to care for your property.


Our owner is licensed and insured, and received his Associate's Degree in Forestry from Paul Smith's College. He owns and operates St John Tree Care Inc and has all the experience you need.

Do you need a property evaluation? We can help! -  Whether it's pruning, trimming or removals. We'll also assist with more decorative work, such as ornamental shaping and the installation of trees and shrubs. For storm damage, don't panic! Call the experts at St. John Tree Care Inc for prompt assistance.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a property evaluation or utilize our emergency services. St. John Tree Care Inc. believes in providing "Excellence in Arboriculture". Learn more about our customer-focused service.

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